About Us

Virtuous is unique in its kind by providing the end-to-end automated learning and certification to its learners with simplified process for the enrollment at nominal fee which is actually near to free because Virtuous philosophy is to provide effective learning not the earning.

Virtuous aim to provide the state of art conceptual learning supported with certification for the professionals who are already performing their responsibilities at existing job and would like to enhance their knowledge, or would like to switch their carrier from existing portfolio to another portfolio by having the professional learning for the specific field of their interest, or the ones who would like to start their practical carrier after completing their standard graduation or post-graduation by selecting of job of their interest or want to be an entrepreneur.

Virtuous is the platform from where you can obtain the certification by having the diversified knowledge about your specific field of interest without any binding to attend the regular classes but with your self-commitment towards learning which leads you not only to award of a certificate but to long lasting carrier in your life.

Virtuous courses are focused on the different segments involved in advanced business process to provide comprehensive knowledge of each specific segment so that the learners can select most suitable course considering their interest to enhance their skills in accordance to the latest business practices in the industry.

Are you ready to be a Virtuous Learner?


Virtuous aim that each learner should not be only a learner but a Virtuous Learner.


Virtuous focused to provide conceptual learning supported with certification to the learners around the globe by utilizing state of art e-learning portal which is very simple and unique system in its kind from the enrollment to award of certification.

Virtuous Philosophy

Virtuous philosophy is to provide effective learning to the learners seeking knowledge. The generic meaning of Virtuous is “having or showing high moral standards” and the vision of Virtuous Learning “Virtuous aim that each learner should not be only a learner but a Virtuous Learner” is derived from its generic meaning towards strategic meaning to be a Virtuous Learner. Here “To be a Virtuous Learning” not means the learner who is getting learning from Virtuous Learning but the Learner who should be self-committed and have high moral standards for learning”. The virtuous learning certification is not for the learners who are just seeking the online certification instead of having knowledge.