Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for Honorary Membership

Terms & Conditions of Virtuous Honorary Membership:

The Virtuous Honorary Membership is offered to the Professional who have Two Year experience in any same field.

The Honorary Members will be able to have Free Virtuous Certified Professional Certificate in relevant Profession.

The Certified Professional Certificate is verifiable from the Virtuous verification system as per instructions stated at bottom of the certificate.

The Honorary Members will be Free Enrolled to all Virtuous Courses (Ongoing & Upcoming).

The Honorary Members will be able to Attempt the Free Exams for all Virtuous Courses to obtain Certificate of Achievements as much as they want.

It is mandatory to submit the required documents with the Honorary Membership application.

The all above benefits are only available if the Honorary Membership application will be approved by the Virtuous Learning Certification.

The Membership Fee £ 1 (GBP 1, Non-Refundable, Inclusive of all Taxes) is Charged for the Member’s Authentication purpose only.

The Fee is only acceptable online by fully secured payment system Powered by Stripe integrated with Virtuous Learning Certification website.

Privacy Policy:

The contact details provided by the learners Name, Email Address, National Identity Card Number, Country of Residence, Company Name and Designation are taken strictly for the Virtuous Learning Certification own use only and kept strictly confidential not disclosed to any third party.

The purpose to take the National Identity Card Number, Country of Residence at the time of Enrollment is the unique type of Virtuous Certificate which shows these both information together with Honorary Member’s name, it makes certificate identical and traceable with the Honorary Members when its represented by them to anyone.

The documents uploaded by the Honorary Members at time of Application i.e Picture, Proof of Identity and Proof of Experience is obtained to ensure the Honorary Member’s existence, authenticity of the application and to ensure the Honorary Membership applicant have the minimum required experience to qualify for the Honorary Membership.